AROSEMENA & SOUNDY ARQUITECTOS was founded in Panama City, Panama, in 2006.  We are an architectural design firm made up by a passionate team of professionals with a wide array of experiences that range from working for architectural firms in New York, Chicago, London, Guatemala City, and Sao Paolo, to academic professorships, consulting for various NGO’s, and hands-on construction labor.  The unique combination of experience, ideals and talent fuels the work of our firm.

For us,  good architecture is timeless as opposed to a passing fashion. To achieve it, we test our work against the triad established by Vitruvius of: Beauty, Propriety and Permanence. 

We are not afraid to pursue beauty in our designs, a word that has been generally abandoned by the architectural mainstream and which, to the dismay of the public, has been replaced by strangeness and shock value.  We believe that most successful buildings respond to the lives of the people who inhabit them and the things that they share in common with others.  Every place and every project has appropriate and enduring architectural solutions. We strive to integrate those solutions with our clients’s particular needs.  Furthermore, we attempt to use locally available materials, local architectural character, and the talent of local labor as much as possibilities allow us to.  As a result, the buildings we create exist in a harmonious and sustainable relationship with their surroundings.

By ignoring our cultural and architectural heritage, our society has turned its back on centuries of knowledge on how to make places that are good for people and in balance with nature.  In this process, we have eroded our cultural identity, our quality of life, and the environment.  While most of the architectural profession has turned its sights toward perishable gadgets on its search for sustainable building, it has not questioned the trend of mass produced and fuel dependent consumer objects and cities that it is creating. Without buildings that endure generations, we cannot establish or maintain a sense of cultural continuity, shared identity or live in a healthy balance with nature.

We believe that sustainability is addressed more effectively by making buildings of a human scale within walkable cities and towns.  We recognize that people enjoy spaces and buildings of a scale and with details that relate to the dimensions of their bodies. This quality, which we like to call
smallness, facilitates permanence, which in turn allows for adaptation, renewal, and the emotional attachment necessary for buildings to be passed on from one generation to another. Through our work, we hope to contribute to the link between the past, the present and the future, by making buildings that are timeless and that will last generations. 

Our passion and commitment to the design of architecture that is beautiful, appropriate and enduring, is what distinguishes our work.


Ricardo Arosemena
Marie Andreé Soundy
Anthony Way
Cristina Gallo McCausland
Thyrso Faria


Keneth Nieto


María Cristina Murillo